STM Coatech,( Specifications,Trainings and Materials for Coating Technology)was founded by  in 2013 to serve in SSPC (Society of Protective Coatings)protective coatings certification trainings , particularly  International Paint-Coating Inspectors. Our founders being SSPC and Nace lead instructors, are experienced chemists who have; Nace Senior Corrosion Technologist,Nace CIP level 2, SSPC PCI Level 3, Icorr Level 2 , PCS, BCI,Fireproof Inspector, C1, C2 certificates. Beside being Turkey Official Licensee of SSPC Trainings; it was licensing SSPC international certification trainings in Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhistan, Czechia, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Libya and 2021 SSPC and NACE merged and became AMPP.STMCOATECH turned as AMPP CIP trainings Turkey Licensee and going to perform Nace-Ampp CIP trainings.STM Coatech is AMPP Corporate Member. By it’s notion of work from the year it was founded to today, which is always aiming for the perfect and forward, with providing services of training, consulting, contract writing, quality consulting(ISO 9001 and SSPC QP )  for many great projects and industry-leading companies both domestic and outland, it also provides inspectors.

We set off to provide sustainable, always open for improvement, both personal and industry-specific progression to our organization, clients and participants with international training services,  consulting and training quality we provide by applying total quality management with our talented staff who are experts in the industry and our business concept designed for comfort of our participants.

Greatest reasons why our customers always choose us are; assuring, neutral, independent and based on privacy policies, customer oriented and enriching training and inspection services we provide and our approach focused on valuing people. We want you to be milestones in our company’s progress by inviting you to this quality and service understanding of ours.

Our company which provides protective coating trainings, coating inspectorate, survey contract writing and certification services particularly SSPC QP3 to paintshops and many companies about coating, in any industrial facilities, pipelines, hydroelectric, thermic, nuclear, bridge, offshore, ship, wind and combined energy plants, shortly in any field including steel and protective coating, with the experience and fund of knowledge we have today, we also provide supervision services in all processes from manufacturing of the project to finalizing the project.

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