How ı will renew my sspc pci coating inspection certification with new AMPP rules

Regarding our students, the recertification process is a bit different now, with the new AMPP credential. Please see the outline of information below, that you can pass along. If the student has any additional questions or concerns please have them reach out directly to us
With the new AMPP credential, in place of the legacy SSPC PCI credential,  login to the AMPP website and to see your AMPP credential and proceed with the steps to recertify.
For the new AMPP credential, which is the new version of their PCI, and all trainings going forward, please go to, then go to login on the home screen at the top right. If the doesn’t know your login information,  If you don’t know your password you with need to click Forgot Login to send yourself a link to your email to reset your password for this part of the website. Once you have done that, you will login using the link given. Once on your Profile page, you will go to My Certification Portal to begin the recertification process.
Below are instructions to help you through the process to recertify:
It is most efficient to pay for your recertification with a credit card. Wire transfer, check and PayPal are also acceptable methods of payment, but we will need to receive the payment and accounting will have to process it, prior to being able to purchase your Ethics course or process your recertification. I’d probably suggest,  if you are paying by anything other than credit card, you send in a payment for all costs at once. The $79 Ethics course and $265 recertification fee. Your membership is up-to-date so that part is completed.
The next thing you will want to do is purchase the Ethics course. It is $99 for non-members and $79 for members. The Ethics course is a one time course that is required for all students. It is an online course that will take about 2 hours to complete. It is not a pass or fail type course. It’s more informative with activities throughout and a survey at the end that you must complete to get credit for the course. I can process the payment for your Ethics course as well, for you, or you can purchase it by going to your My Certification Portal through your Profile. Once, you’ve made the purchase the course is available to you in your Online Courses box on your Profile. When you’ve completed the course, you will see it approved in your My Certification Portal within 48 hours.
The last thing you will have to complete before you have access to your recertification application, is you must log your PDHs, or Professional Development Hours. This is done in your My Certification Portal as well. When you are in there you will see Manage My PDHs on the left. Click there, then click Add PDHs to enter them into your record. The Ethics course will count for 2 and will automatically be added once it’s been approved so really you’ll just need to make up the difference. If you click the link below, it’ll give you more information on what PDHs are and examples of them, but basically it’s any continued education to support your career over the last 3 years, for example: OSHA training, Safety Meetings, etc. Renew Your Certification – AMPP
Once these steps are completed, you will have access to your application in your My Certification Portal, where you will add your work experience over the last 3 years, which must be at least 18 months of work. Then you will digitally sign, by typing your name into the field at the bottom of the page, and click Pay to process your credit card information. Your fee is $475 without a membership or $265 with a membership.