SSPC Fireproofing InspectorSSPC Boru Hatları Kaplamaları Enspektör Kursu

Over the years an increasing awareness of fireproofing requirements on onshore and offshore structures has brought to light a definitive need for proper inspection of applied materials.

Due to demands led by the passive fire protection industry Corrodere has collaborated with the globally recognised Society for Protective Coatings – The SSPC and developed an online fireproofing inspection course to meet these demands around the world.

The course is suitable for SSPC, NACE, Frosio or ICorr Level 2 inspectors or Level 1 inspectors who are currently working with passive fire protection systems. The course requires that all candidates hold a recognised coating inspection certificate and have a strong understanding of surface preparation, anti-corrosion coatings and the use of a variety of inspection gauges and tools.

The course will also benefit personnel who have an interest in passive fire protection such as plant managers, asset owners, coating and fire protection suppliers etc. A certificate of completion will be issued if no formal coating inspection qualifications can be demonstrated.

The course covers both thick & thin film intumescent used to protect structures from cellulosic and hydrocarbon fires. An overview of other types of fire protection used in the construction industry is also covered.

The SSPC Fireproofing Inspector course will give qualified coating inspectors a greater understanding of the specific demands associated with this market sector.

“This is one of the most demanding industrial segments there is, so it requires the highest standards, product quality and expertise” Miles Buckhurst, Jotun Global Concept Director HPI

Course Content

  • Thick film intumescent coatings
  • Overview of passive fire protection
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Safety and the fire proofing inspector
  • Fireproofing inspectors duties
  • Principles of passive fire protection
  • Conditional surveys and maintenance
  • Thin film intumescent coatings
  • Characteristics and quantity requirement
  • Documentation, training, and application
  • Dry film thickness
  • Other forms of fire protection
  • Certificate Achieved
  • SSPC Fireproofing Inspection Certificate.Pre-Requisite

    A recognised Coating Inspection Certificate at any level.

    Teaching Methods

    100% online training with online multiple choice assessments. (Classroom courses are available on request.)

    Course Duration

    8 hours of online training. 3 months’ access to the training material will be provided allowing for flexible study.


    90 minute multiple choice final assessment must be attended to achieve the recognised SSPC Fireproofing Inspection Certificate.

Marking Structure

All online multiple choice questions must be completed and passed with 100% before attending the final exam.

Final Exam

A minimum of 70% must be achieved to pass the multiple choice final exam.


All successful candidates will receive the SSPC Fireproofing Inspection Certificate within 21 days of passing the final exam. This Certificate is valid for 4 years from the date of passing the exam.


Apply for recertification after 4 years, submit an up-to-date CV and complete an online refresher course for a new 4 year card to be issued.


Payment is required upon application. Course fees are refunded in full should the application be declined or the student cancels the course within 14 days of registering.

Course Fees

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STM Coatech &Corrodere and SSPC are working together for this course and also for turkish student, turkish language is avaliable
STM Coatech is assessment center of Corrodere in Turkey

Certificate Sample Is As Below