SSPC Pipeline InspectorSSPC Boru Hatları Kaplamaları Enspektör Kursu

Pipelines are our energy lifeline, making almost every daily activity possible. Pipelines play a huge role in everyday lives and are essential to the worlds industries.

There are around 40,000 kilometres of pipeline in the UK and over
2 million kilometres of pipeline in the USA. Pipelines cover all parts of the globe carrying everything from oil and gas to fresh water, diesel and petrol to jet fuel.

Pipelines are essential in transporting water around the globe as well
as removing sewage away from homes. Steel pipelines are used to transport oil and gas which has been collected from its natural residence to the refineries and further to suppliers and distributors.

Often the contents of these pipes can be hazardous and corrosive and corrosion prevention methods are required to ensure the pipeline stays in a safe condition with little risk to people and environment. This training course looks at the corrosion protection of steel pipelines with the
use of protective coatings and cathodic protection and the duties and responsibilities of the pipeline coatings inspector.

The course also includes an introduction to wet thermal insulation used on subsea pipelines and associated fittings. Case studies for field joint wet thermal insulation are also included. The online course has ongoing assessments and a final examination for certification which can be undertaken at any one of our approved assessment centres.

Course Content

  • –  An overview of pipelines and an introduction into pipeline coatings
  • –  Basic corrosion and pipeline corrosion
  • –  Cathodic protection to pipelines
  • –  Cathodic protection and coatings
  • –  Quality assurance and Quality Control
  • –  Safety and the pipeline inspector
  • –  Pipeline inspector duties
  • –  Product testing
  • –  Fusion bonded epoxy coatings
  • –  Miscellaneous pipe coatings and field joints coatings
  • –  Environmental considerations
  • –  Recommended practices and International standards

Certificate Achieved

SSPC Pipeline Coatings Inspector Certificate


A recognised Coating Inspection Certificate at any level.

Teaching Methods

100% online training with online multiple choice assessments. (Classroom courses are available on request.)


A 90 minute multiple choice final assessment must be attended to achieve the recognised SSPC PipelineInspection Certificate

Marking Structure

All online multiple choice questions must be completed and passed with 100% before attending the final exam.

Final Exam

A minimum of 70% must be achieved to pass the multiple choice final exam.

Resitting Exams

Resit your exam within 12 months of receiving the result (plus VAT where applicable) will apply.


All successful candidates will receive the SSPC PipelineInspection Certificate within 21 days of passing the final exam. This Certificate is valid    for 4 years from the date of passing the exam.


Apply for recertification after 4 years, submit an up-to-date CV and complete an online refresher course for a new 4 year card to be issued.


Payment is required upon application. Course fees are refunded in full should the application be declined or the student cancels the course within   14 days of registering.

 100% online training with online multiple choice assessments. (Classroom courses are available on request.

Course Fees
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12 months’ access to the course material, final assessment & SSPC Insulation Inspection Certificate.

STM Coatech &Corrodere and SSPC are working together for this course and also for turkish student, turkish language is avaliable
STM Coatech is assessment center of Corrodere in Turkey